ensogo provides businesses from various sectors with the means to improve their environmental, social, and governance performance.

Explore our tailor-made solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of your industry and your organization’s goals.

For your industry

Construction, Engineering, and Real Estate

Optimize your resource consumption, implement sustainable construction practices, and enhance stakeholder engagement

Energy and Utilities

Calculate your carbon footprint, integrate renewable energy sources, and maintain environmental compliance


Identify energy efficiency opportunities, reduce waste and emissions, and promote a circular economy


Support responsible mining practices, community engagement, health and safety, and land rehabilitation strategies

Information Technology

Optimize resource utilization, reduce your carbon footprint, and strengthen diversity and inclusion for all

For your needs

Automated ESG
Data Collection

Simplify the collection and analysis of sustainability indicators

Developing and executing
your ESG strategy

Promote positive change by aligning your actions with stakeholder expectations

Managing your Sustainable Development Goals

Break down your goals into measurable key results, providing a clear roadmap to track your progress

Engaging and collaborating
with your entire value chain

Involve all stakeholders and promote transparency

Efficient handling of ESG information requests

Respond to ESG questions in seconds and optimize the production of your sustainability reports

In compliance with all popular sustainability frameworks

Efficiently implement your ESG strategy across the entire value chain and meet the rising demand for ESG information and data.