The expert software platform for managing your ESG objectives.

Develop and successfully deploy your ESG strategy throughout the value chain and effectively meet the rising demand for ESG information and data.

The platform that meets your needs

Automated ESG
data collection

Simplify the collection and analysis of sustainability indicators

Developing and executing
your ESG strategy

Promote positive change by aligning your actions with stakeholder expectations

Managing your Sustainable Development Goals

Break down your goals into measurable key results, providing a clear roadmap to track your progress

Engaging and collaborating
with your entire value chain

Involve all stakeholders and promote transparency

Efficient handling of ESG information requests

Respond to ESG questions in seconds and optimize the production of your sustainability reports

The ensogo blueprint

ensogo enhances the development and streamlines the execution of your ESG strategy


Assess and prioritize

With your materiality analysis and our industry expertise, ensogo helps you identify and prioritize the most relevant ESG topics for your company, focusing your efforts accordingly.


Define your objectives
and their KPIs

Once your key ESG priorities are identified, ensogo allows you to set clear goals, with deadlines and performance metrics to track progress.


Implement your ESG Strategy

With our industry database enhanced by the artificial intelligence of our virtual assistant, ensogo guides you in developing relevant programs and effective initiatives.


Create accountability

To ensure meaningful results, ensogo encourages individuals or teams to take responsibility for achieving goals and measuring their key performance indicators (KPIs).


Measure performance

From carbon footprint to corporate governance to employee health and safety, ensogo automates the collection and communication of ESG data, providing you with real-time information.


Foster engagement
and collaboration

To mobilize internal and external stakeholders around your company’s commitments, ensogo facilitates collaboration and communication throughout your value chain.


Harness the expertise
of your ESG assistant

ensogo has trained its artificial intelligence with millions of ESG data points, providing you with personalized and industry specific actionable information, reports, recommendations, and comparisons.


Stay always at
the forefront

The ESG landscape is constantly evolving. To stay compliant and adapt to changes, ensogo keeps you informed about new trends, regulations, and stakeholder expectations.

What sets ensogo apart

Optimized ESG
Strategy Execution

Design and execute your ESG strategy transparently, from start to finish. Benefit from our industry expertise to identify and prioritize the most relevant ESG issues for your company. Set clear sustainable development goals, engage stakeholders, and monitor progress at all levels of your organization.

Automation of ESG Data Collection and Reporting

Free up time and effort. ensogo automates the collection, aggregation, and processing of ESG data, allowing you to easily manage your reporting obligations. Stay compliant with industry standards and regulations effortlessly.

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Benefit from personalized solutions that align perfectly with your ESG challenges and objectives. Our AI-powered agent is trained to provide information and recommendations tailored to your business context.


Gain a competitive advantage with ESG insights powered by ensogo’s specialized artificial intelligence capabilities, providing you with valuable analyses, reports, recommendations, and comparisons.

Engagement and Collaboration Across the Value Chain

From your suppliers to your customers, establish trust by effectively sharing your sustainability initiatives and successes. ensogo facilitates transparent collaboration and engagement with your entire value chain.

Anticipate Regulatory and Stakeholder Requirements

Stay at the forefront of sustainability practices and easily respond to the growing demand for ESG information. In this ever-changing ESG world, where regulations, standards, and expectations are multiplying, ensogo is your ally in anticipating changes.

In compliance with all popular sustainability frameworks


“What sets ensogo apart in the crowded field of ESG software is its focus on performance over mere reporting. It’s one thing to compile data; it’s another to turn that data into strategic action. ensogo’s focus on offering clear, actionable insights helps CSOs keep their eyes on the progress of their strategic ambitions.”

Stéphanie Leblanc
Director of Sustainability at

“As an engineering and construction firm, precision and efficiency are key. ensogo’s project-focused tracking tool provides us with detailed insights and data for each project. This has not only improved our ESG management but also enhanced our decision-making process, leading to more sustainable project outcomes.”

Michael O’Reilly
Vice President, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality at Pennecon

“ensogo is an innovative and important platform that focuses on delivering ESG results within your organization. This is a key issue across industry – commitments are made at the highest levels and then not always followed up with program implementation and results tracking across the organization.”

Steven Andersen
Senior Vice President at 
J.S. Held ULC

“The platform’s user-friendly interface, combined with its powerful AI analytics, makes ensogo an essential tool for any company serious about integrating ESG into their core strategy. I’ve recommended ensogo to several companies, and the feedback has been unanimously positive!”

Lisa Annabel Ellis
Founder & CEO at
YellowYellow ESG Advisory

“ensogo enables us to evaluate supplier ESG performance seamlessly, ensuring our partners reflect our environmental and social responsibilities. The ease of collaboration across departments and with suppliers has been transformative.”

Sarah H.
ESG Leader, Manufacturing Insdustry

Efficiently implement your ESG strategy across the entire value chain and meet the rising demand for ESG information and data.

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