What is ESG Software?

ESG software refers to technology solutions designed to help businesses effectively manage environmental, social, and governance initiatives and objectives. ESG software includes solutions that meet specific needs under the ESG umbrella, such as carbon accounting, sustainability performance, life cycle assessments, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

What is ESG compliance software?

ESG compliance is the act of aligning with and meeting the requirements set forth by ESG compliance frameworks and regulatory bodies. ESG compliance software is a broad term that can reflect a singular tool or tech stack that helps you to meet your company’s specific ESG-related requirements.

Who needs ESG software?

ESG software can benefit any organization with environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities. The most common users are:

  1. Corporations and businesses
  2. Investors and financial institutions
  3. Regulators and government agencies
  4. NGOs and advocacy groups
  5. Consulting firms
  6. Supply chain partners
Is there a list of ESG software providers?

Yes, ensogo developed a list of more than 130 software providers on the market supporting the ESG space. New solutions are popping up regularly, so follow ensogo for the latest in the ESG software marketplace.

Is there a Magic Quadrant for ESG software?

No, there is no specific “Magic Quadrant for ESG Software” from Gartner. Instead, Gartner has published the “ 2023 Market Guide for ESG Management and Reporting Software” for insights into ESG solutions. However, Verdantix offers a “ Green Quadrant for ESG Reporting and Data Management Software,” evaluating leading vendors in the ESG software space.