In compliance with all popular sustainability frameworks

Materiality Assessment

ESG Materiality Assessment

ensogo supports the process of conducting a materiality assessment to identify and prioritize the most relevant ESG issues for your organization. Our platform provides industry-specific expertise and data-driven insights to help you understand the ESG issues that are most critical to your business and stakeholders. By conducting a materiality assessment, you can focus your efforts on areas with the greatest impact and align your strategy accordingly.

ensogo empowers you to set meaningful sustainability goals, create a roadmap with target milestones, and assign responsibility for each objective.  With clear goals and action plans in place, you can drive purposeful change, measure your performance, and continuously improve your ESG outcomes.

Goal Setting and Action Planning

Selection and Execution of ESG Programs

Selection and execution of ESG Programs

ensogo provides access to comprehensive ESG database and relevant insights to guide you in selecting ESG initiatives that best suit your organization. Leveraging our sector-specific expertise and tailored guidance, you can streamline the implementation of ESG programs that align with your strategic goals.

ensogo allows for continuous tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) associated with each program and offers visualizations and reports to facilitate data analysis and decision-making. By monitoring your performance, you can identify areas for improvement, demonstrate transparency, and promote ongoing enhancements.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

ESG Progress Reporting

Stakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

Stakeholder Engagement and ESG Collaboration

ensogo facilitates collaboration and communication with internal and external stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, and community partners. Our tools enable you to gather feedback, address concerns, and cultivate meaningful relationships with your stakeholders. By actively engaging stakeholders, you can build trust, gain valuable insights, and ensure that your ESG strategy aligns with their expectations.


“What sets ensogo apart in the crowded field of ESG software is its focus on performance over mere reporting. It’s one thing to compile data; it’s another to turn that data into strategic action. ensogo’s focus on offering clear, actionable insights helps CSOs keep their eyes on the progress of their strategic ambitions.”

Stéphanie Leblanc
Director of Sustainability at

“As an engineering and construction firm, precision and efficiency are key. ensogo’s project-focused tracking tool provides us with detailed insights and data for each project. This has not only improved our ESG management but also enhanced our decision-making process, leading to more sustainable project outcomes.”

Michael O’Reilly
Vice President, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality at Pennecon

“ensogo is an innovative and important platform that focuses on delivering ESG results within your organization. This is a key issue across industry – commitments are made at the highest levels and then not always followed up with program implementation and results tracking across the organization.”

Steven Andersen
Senior Vice President at 
J.S. Held ULC

“The platform’s user-friendly interface, combined with its powerful AI analytics, makes ensogo an essential tool for any company serious about integrating ESG into their core strategy. I’ve recommended ensogo to several companies, and the feedback has been unanimously positive!”

Lisa Annabel Ellis
Founder & CEO at
YellowYellow ESG Advisory

“ensogo enables us to evaluate supplier ESG performance seamlessly, ensuring our partners reflect our environmental and social responsibilities. The ease of collaboration across departments and with suppliers has been transformative.”

Sarah H.
ESG Leader, Manufacturing Insdustry

ensogo is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary ESG and Sustainability performance software platform that empowers corporate leaders to achieve their sustainability objectives and meet the rising demand for ESG information and data.

Don’t worry about complicated setups or lengthy onboarding processes. Our streamlined implementation process ensures that you can get up and running in no time, allowing you to focus on driving meaningful change rather than getting lost in complex procedures.

Unlock actionable insights from vast amounts of ESG data with ensogo’s AI-powered platform. Analysis and recommendations allow you to showcase your sustainability journey with clarity and credibility.

Enterprise-Grade Technology

Our team leverages the latest cutting-edge software technologies to build intelligent solutions that enable businesses of all sizes and industries to achieve sustainable performance.

The all-in-one expert platform

Whether you operate in the construction, engineering, real estate, energy and utilities, manufacturing, or mining sectors, leverage ensogo’s industry-specific expertise to tailor your solutions to the challenges and opportunities unique to your field.

ensogo’s intuitive interface and automation capabilities simplify the process of collecting and communicating data, saving you time and resources while ensuring accurate and transparent ESG communication.

Easily deploy your ESG strategy across your entire value chain, ensuring coherence and alignment within your organization. From assessing relevant ESG topics for your business to managing your sustainability goals, ensogo provides you with the tools and information needed to make informed decisions.

ensogo integrates various ESG and sustainability standards, including GRI, SDGs, TCFD, and IFRS (SASB), making it easy for you to adhere to industry best practices and reporting requirements.

Embrace ensogo’s all-in-one expert software platform dedicated to ESG performance. Request a demonstration today!

Ease of use and fast implementation

ensogo boasts an intuitive interface that is user-friendly and accessible to all levels of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned ESG professional or just starting your sustainability journey, you can quickly navigate through the guided workflows and leverage its powerful features to collect, analyze, and manage ESG data effectively.

You can effortlessly track your sustainability goals, monitor progress, and generate comprehensive reports that showcase your organization’s commitment to ESG performance.

Experience the efficiency of ensogo’s platform. Request a demo today!

AI-powered ESG insight

The intuitive nature of our AI-powered platform allows you to customize and train the system according to your organization’s unique needs. This ensures that the insights and recommendations you receive align with your specific business context and objectives.

ensogo’s Assistant acts as your virtual sustainability expert, continuously scanning and interpreting ESG trends, regulations, and stakeholder demands. This ensures that you stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the evolving ESG landscape effectively.

You can identify risks and opportunities, benchmark your ESG performance against industry peers, and receive tailored recommendations to improve your sustainability efforts.

Our AI-powered insights help you navigate complex ESG challenges with confidence and make informed decisions that drive positive change.

Experience the transformative potential of AI in ESG management. Request a demo today and discover how our AI capabilities can revolutionize your ESG strategy.

Enterprise-grade technology

Our team leverages the latest cutting-edge software technologies to build intelligent solutions that enable businesses of all sizes and industries to achieve sustainable performance

Accessibility and User-Friendliness
ensogo is accessible to all users, easy to use, and features a clear interface that promotes efficient collaboration.

Security and Privacy
ensogo employs professional-grade technologies and implements robust security features to ensure the confidentiality and protection of both company and user data.

Automation and Integration
ensogo automates certain processes, such as reminders and updates, data collection, and integrates with other collaborative communication platforms, project management, and storage platforms, such as MS Teams, Zoom, Slack, Miro, Asana,, Trello, SharePoint, or OneDrive.

Efficiently implement your ESG strategy across the entire value chain and meet the rising demand for ESG information and data.