ensogo and YellowYellow Advisory Announce New Partnership

Toronto, Canada – March 6, 2024 – ensogo, a trailblazing sustainability performance software platform, is pleased to announce its partnership with YellowYellow Advisory, an ESG consulting firm specializing in the development of ESG strategies and decarbonization plans across industries.

With increasing regulatory pressures and stakeholder demands, the ensogo and YellowYellow partnership guarantees that leaders receive both the practical assistance they need as well as the technological solutions necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

“We’re delighted to partner with Lisa and the YellowYellow team,” said Elie Mouzon, Co-Founder and CEO of ensogo, Inc. “Their mission aligns so well with ours. Together, we can better empower companies of all sizes to achieve sustainable performance.”

Lisa-Annabel Ellis, Founder and CEO of YellowYellow, said: “Partnership between ESG advisory and technology firms is crucial to support companies with the move from voluntary to mandatory disclosures. The ensogo platform, with its robust AI capability, takes the integration of ESG to the next level.  This accelerates the delivery of value to the organization.”

About ensogo

ensogo is a forward-thinking SaaS startup dedicated to enabling corporations to navigate the ESG landscape efficiently and effectively. With a robust AI-powered platform, ensogo simplifies ESG compliance, improves performance, and fosters a culture of sustainable business practices.

About YellowYellow

YellowYellow is an ESG advisory firm specializing in the development of ESG strategies, sustainability reporting, compliance, and decarbonization planning.  YellowYellow partners with organizations to integrate critical sustainability issues into their businesses to manage ESG risks.